Prodi’s strategy for the Sahel: A new model for multilateralism?

Exclusive interview.  How familiar are you with the term “in-kind donations”? According to Romano Prodi — former United Nations special envoy to the Sahel and author of the U.N. integrated strategy for the African region — the mechanism is set to revolutionize the way countries engage with multilateral organizations … On Devex

Credits: Elena L. Pasquini

©FAO/Giulio Napolitano

EU Laurence Argimon-Pistre, FAO going in the ‘right direction’

Last month, U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization member states agreed on the agency’s 2014-2015 budget and a new strategic framework, objectives and program for the next few years. Before and during FAO’s week-long biannual conference in Rome, the European Union … On Devex

Photo credits: ©FAO/Giulio Napolitano